Sunday, December 10, 2006

Postal/Disco: This is your life!

Doesn't play well w/ others
Don't get me wrong; I love my American based team as much as the next full-kit wearing lunatic, but this is getting out of control. [ed.note-I don't have the ugly ass Disco kit though!] It seems as though we've been excluded from the gentleman's club known as the International Professional Cycling Teams (IPCT). I'm too tired to get into all the politics regarding this, but my initial reaction is that it's going to kill cycling in the States. We were all ready to go to bat for the cancer-miracle from Texas, but no one is going to back one of the Euro poster boys of OperaciĆ³n Puerto. While we were making a hero out of Floyd the invalid Mennonite during the '06 Tour, we were cataloging Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich as the scourges of the peloton. Technically the only reason that Basso is allowed to ride is that he can't be made to provide a DNA sample in order to determine if the OP blood bag is his or not. DNA testing is a little more accurate than the EPO test now in effect. So that basically says he's guilty...of bad judgment. Sorry, didn't want to get the litigators after me.

Now we wait for the stupidity of Disco to truly show through by fighting this in a "legal" process.

Legacy of Dopality
It's scary to look back through the years of Postal and Discovery seeing all the proven and alleged doping stories. The biggest are obviously all those concerning Lance. How many times have we accepted the "I've never tested positive..." proclamation over the years, never truly questioning the semantics of that statement. Also, are you saying that every lab that has tested his samples has gotten it wrong when they came up positive, but got it right when they're negative? Think back to famous quote during the '99 Tour as he was exiting doping control, " was a simple case of skin cream..." In light of the recent case regarding those retested samples it takes on a completely different tone.

Next is Tyler. He's back in Europe riding for Tinkoff Credit Systems. What a douche.

Floyd is still in full denial mode. We're still in "there's got to be a reason" grassy-knoll mode.

Don't forget about Roberto! Heras still is claiming innocence to this day.

Frankie Andreu admitted EPO usage, as well as another unnamed rider.

So a large number of our biggest riders have been implicated or tested positive in doping cases. This is a far cry from the halcyon days of yore when we were knee deep in Tour mania. Heh, I said halcyon! I still don't know where my vocabulary has come from; I haven't read a book in years!

Oh, I almost forgot, Basso was surprised tested by WADA while attending the Disco training camp in Austin. Levi and some others were tested, but it was interesting to note that they're implementing a new test for HGH (Human Growth Hormone.)

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