Wednesday, November 15, 2006

U.S. Cycling taste so bad!

Floyd Files
Can this crap get any more bizarre? If Floyd has anything to do w/ the hacking other than having an idiot friend who thought they were doing him a favor, he needs to be put out of his misery. All this is pissing me off. Why are our athletes continuously putting themselves in positions that aren't explainable. I don't see Jens Voigt having to deny charges. You don't see Thor claiming that a French lab sucks and has his wannabe hacker friend muck things up further. You don't see it because they're not putting things into their bodies that produce positive test results.

Did you notice how fat he is now?

A Basso in Discovery clothes
Once again I have to say that I'm both excited and repulsed by our new Disco signing. I really wish things weren't as screwed as they are right now, so we could just enjoy having a rider of this caliber join our team.

I know Graham Watson CorVos is just doing his job, but knowing his feelings about the state of the sport he's got to be a little sick. This seems more like a tabloid shot rather than what it should be. (Graham was there shooting as well.)

And now for something completely different...
What the hell is going on here? No wonder people think cyclists are strange. I met Fracesco Moser at Interbike never expecting to see the former Giro champion in his Euro skivvies. Now we know he's putting in the miles by his fantastic riding tan! Maybe he and Eddie are training to put together a super team of ex-pros to take on the new drugless peloton. Perhaps we all have a chance now!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Basso to Disco!

Not the same as before.

It feels a little dirty now, and I don't know if all of the ramifications have been thought out. It would've been nice to have signed Ivan last year when he was on the market, then again, it would've been us going through that crapstorm.

I can't help think about Levi; they sign him w/ the intentions of him being an American grand tour leader, and now we sign a foreign rider under drug suspicion. That can't do anyone any good to their morale.

Anyway, he's signed so now we wait and see how the legal things turn out. Hopefully this will be a nice little story, and Discovery comes out smelling like roses, but I'm not holding my breath. This is going to be a turbulent off season.

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