Saturday, September 30, 2006

Interbike 2004?

I was thinking back to some of the experiences I've had during my time in the bike biz, and one of them having to do w/ Interbike, was bittersweet. I was scheduled to attend I-Bike 2004 when I received news that unfortunately I wouldn't. (long story, but good in the end). This was literally days before we were going to fly out for the festivities.

Other than the obvious loss of having a great time out in Vegas; there is more to the story. I had an invitation to the hottest party in town: the Sinclair party! I did a lot of work w/ Sinclair and the rep was nice enough to reward me w/ the coveted ticket. If you know anything about the event, it is like an Oscars (Grammys, MTV, whatever) afterparty! You get to party w/ the pros'! You've seen the pictures of Hincapie, Millar, Simoni, etc., all enjoying the end of their season in wonderful debaucherous fashion. To make it worse while speaking of Simoni, I was also invited to dinner w/ the Sinclair guys and their guests of honor were none other than Gilberto Simoni, and Damiano Cunego! We were all going to be sitting at the same damn table! If you also remember, that was the year that Cunego won the Giro ahead of a pissed-off Simoni, so I imagine that the suspense at the table would've been awesome!

How far I've fallen. Whatever, I wouldn't have been able to understand anything they said anyway. Plus I quit drinking in 2003, so an open bar wouldn't have done me any good. And, I had just gotten engaged, so there wouldn't have been any...I'll stop there.

I've got some other brushes w/ cycling fame that I hope I can remember.

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