Sunday, September 24, 2006

2006 Cycling Worlds

All I have to say about Bettini winning the WC is that we don't have to hear all the whining that traditionally follows an Azzurri failure. Perhaps it's due to them actually caring, you really never hear any of the other countries bitching so much. I'd feel a little better about him winning if he wasn't talking shit about Boonen beforehand, but I guess crossing the line first is a good back up for that.

When I woke up this morning I had the feeling that given the course that Zabel would be up there in the end. It looked as though he hadn't poked his head out for the entire race, but damned if he wasn't contesting another freaking 2nd place!! My heart truly goes out to Erik. He's one of the few riders that actually races the ENTIRE year, and is competitive throughout. I though for sure that this was going to be the year; 4 man split and only Sanchez, Valverde, and Bettini to beat. Not that those are names that should be dismissed, but none of them are true sprinters.

I wish the race had the same luster it had in the past. Although w/ two top riders wearing the jersey we may have brought it up a notch. All respect to Oscar Freire (none to Vainsteins) but he really doesn't ride all year, so he doesn't show off the jersey too much. You need star riders showing all year to bring the force of the rainbow jersey back to prominence.

I still can't get over David Millar being there in the end as well. If he's truly clean, this is a great step for cycling.

Lastly, U23 winner Gerald Ciolek is a bad ass!

Oh, and then there's this:

Team USA all ready for great hydration using their Camelbacks... Who is the idiot that designed these jerseys? Why does team USA ALWAYS have the worst looking jerseys? Who cares if they're referencing TRON; as a cycling jersey it's hideous!!

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