Monday, September 18, 2006

back from the team car.

highly remiss in my duties.
With all my talk about wanting to take this blog to the next level, I sure post like I don't. Anyway, it's the red-headed stepchild of the Grand Tours and I'm learning how to make the web a better place through CSS! Okay, very quickly...

-It's been a torrid past month for Discovery. Big George Hincapie lost the Eneco Tour in the last 100 meters being taken out by eventual winner Schumacher, then won the US Championships ahead of return Disco signee Levi Leipheimer, plus Max Van Heeswijk won a stage in the Tour of Poland, Janez Brajkovic wore the golden Vuelta jersey, T-Dan cracked, then came back and won a mountain stage ahead of the future golden man Alexander Vinokourov, Egoi Martinez won the KOM classification, and 25 (not really) people have decided to leave for different pastures. Oh, and some jerk-off named Frankie admitted using EPO during the '99 TDF while riding for Postal and Lance. Good job!

-Victorious Vino and the troubled Astana team are guaranteed at least a spot in one of the Grand Tours next year. Unfortunately, since the UCI and the Tours haven't started playing together yet, this doesn't guarantee them a ProTour license for the upcoming season. This after signing Andreas Kloden, and Paulo Salvoldelli (from Discovery) among others. They would be the greatest Continental team of all time!!! That sure would suck.

-Vino deserved the win more than most considering what he went through at T-Mobile. Alejandro Valverde also deserved it after breaking his collar-bone in the TDF, but it looks like he flat out didn't have it at the end. Hopefully a sign that there wasn't any doping making a mess and a mockery out of the GC results. Vino attacked like a true pro from yesteryear lighting the blue touch paper and throwing caution to the wind (thanks Phil and Paul!). Well taken.

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